Eiko Shoji Co., Ltd., established in 1956,was the pioneer of jeans importation into Japan. Eiko was the first to introduce durable jeans and khakis to war torn Japan. The second hand denim worn by the military G.I.'s was highly praised for its durability and comfort. It was a new item that was crucial to the rebuilding process for Japan. Since all of the second hand jeans were often traded for goods and services, the precedent of "vintage" and "used" denim as the foundation for Japanese denim culture was established. Eiko continued to create and expand the denim market by travelling overseas to find and import the very best denim brands on the planet.

51 years later, the company has evolved into a powerful trading company specializing in denim and denim related fashion. With a solid reputation and history of distributing the finest brands on the planet, Eiko Shoji boasts a multi-brand retail store operation, industry wide wholesale distribution program, and specialized niche programs for up and coming brands. By covering these 3 vastly different programs under one entity, Eiko can offer solutions for any brand at any stage of development.

Jeans have constantly changed within the fast paced Japanese market. They have evolved from casual work wear into one of the most popular fashion items in the world. Eiko has continuously pushed the boundaries for denim brand development and is highly regarded as one of the most experienced sellers of jeans in Japan. Although the company' core business still remains focused on jeans, Eiko has expanded business into denim based fashion. This includes high- end men's and women's clothing, belts, bags, jewelry and accessories.